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Nadia and the Blue Stars
Nadia and the Blue Stars
Nadia and the Blue Stars
Nadia and the Blue Stars

Nadia and the Blue Stars


Written by Francesca Nicole Chan Torres

Artworks by Liv Romualdez Vinluan 

Winner of the 7th Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition

Nadia is the sole caretaker of the blue stars, her beautiful blue flowers that covered her small village. Every day she watered them, told them stories, and wished them goodnight; until war reached their village. In the midst of challenging, war-torn times, Nadia and the Blue Stars is a story of perseverance, recovery, and the hope that one day the blue stars will bloom once more.  

ISBN: 978-971-94975-6-1
Year Published: 2012
Language: English with Filipino translation
Type: Full-color pages, hardbound

About the Author: Frankie Torres loves storytelling. Her full name is Franchesca Nicole Chan Torres, which is French, but when said backwards sounds like German. ("Frankie" backwards is pronounced "icknarf.") A believet in fairy tales, she has learned to never to underestimate the power of little girls (or kids in general), and that hope is stronger than any magic. Nadia and the Blue Stars is her first book, but rumor has it she's keeping a novel locked up in a trunk somewhere.

About the Artist: Liv Romualdez Vinluan was born in the city of Manila in the late 1980s. Since graduating cum laude from UP Diliman, she has exhibited all over Southeast Asia and Switzerland. When not occupied by painting, Liv studies French, cooks spaghetti, collects books, and sews. Juan Luna's "Spoliarium" is her most favorite painting, and she hopes to someday create a worthy tribute to it. Nadia and the Blue Stars is her first children's story book.

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