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I Am the Change in Climate Change
I Am the Change in Climate Change
I Am the Change in Climate Change
I Am the Change in Climate Change
I Am the Change in Climate Change

I Am the Change in Climate Change



Written by Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Ph.D.I

llustrated by Ang INK

The earth’s temperature is rising. Snowcaps are melting. The sea level is rising. The weather has become more extreme as different countries now experience stronger typhoons, more floods, droughts, and wildfires, harming hundreds of millions of people all over the world—including children. According to UNICEF (2019), children’s rights and the state of the environment are not mutually exclusive. In fact, children are one of the most vulnerable sectors to the impacts of climate change. It threatens their life, health, education, and their right to grow in a safe environment. But despite these, children are the least heard when it comes to climate-related decisions.

I Am the Change in Climate Change is a response to this challenge. Geared for kids six to 12 years old, the book includes child-friendly illustrations, age-appropriate language, and interactive activities that are grounded in science. The book encourages children to learn about climate change: its definition, causes, and effects. Easy day-to-day practices help children realize that that there are things that they can do, even at an early age, to respond and adapt to climate change. Most importantly, the book is a way to increase children’s adaptive capacity, promote environmental stewardship in the community, and raise a generation that’s capable of creating real change.

Age recommendation: 6 to 12 years old
Language: English
Type: Softbound, full-color
Year Published: 2021

About the Artists: Ang INK was founded in 1991 with the primary objective of encouraging the creation, proliferation, and appreciation of illustrations for children. Its body of work represents an extensively diverse portfolio of quality and award-winning illustrations for children in the nation today.

About the Author: Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Ph.D. is a Professor of Geology at the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) at the University of the Philippines where she has been teaching for more than twenty years. She obtained her Ph.D. in Earth Science at the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA. Dr. Alampay was a Balik Scientist Awardee of the Department of Science and Technology, and was awarded as one of The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS) in 2007.

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