Quaderno: Page Talk with June Digan

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In today's Page Talk, we converse with an up-and-coming talent shaping the present and future of Philippine art while creating pieces that serve as a balm in these weary times.  

A UST graduate of Fine Arts and Design with a major in advertising arts, June Digan's artmaking is a study on contemplation. Her imagined terrains—serene and emotive—nurture a moment of gentle respite between remembrance and rest.  

Boundless Journey | acrylic on canvas (2021) 

Looking for Juan chats with the independent graphic designer and illustrator to talk about his craft, creative inspiration, and the role of the Filipino artist in today's uncertain climate.

What inspires/motivates you to create?

"As artists, I think it's our natural compulsion to create, and the urge to express is what keeps us going. Personally, it is somewhere between creative curiosity and expressing my thoughts." 

Into The Abyss | acrylic on canvas (2019) 

What does your art represent?

"Art is always personal for me. It may represent a thousand things to other people, but my work is a part of my mind occupying space in this material world. It's those thoughts and emotions that I need to let out. It is my story in the simplest form."

How can art influence change?

"Artists have a significant role in shaping society. And art as a form of communication can connect with people. It can transport someone to another place emotionally and even physically through experience. The complexity of these experiences can engage and challenge one's perception, ideas, and beliefs." 

Kailan? | watercolor on gouache on acid-free paper (2020)

What's the role of Filipino artists in this time of misinformation, division, and pandemic?

"In this age of misinformation, division, and pandemic, I believe art is one of the tools that can bring a whole community together. It can be a source of discussion over social and political issues, a source of peace and calm in this time of uncertainty, and a voice to those people who are often unheard."

Inspired by June Digan's art? Support Philippine art while you write with Quaderno by June Digan, featuring four limited-edition notebooks designed in collaboration with the artist, created to find a renewed appreciation for Philippine art, probe ideas, and express yourself creatively.

The End Is Just The Beginning | acrylic on canvas (2021) 

A part of the proceeds from this Quaderno collection will go to book donations to children in disadvantaged communities in the Philippines in support of CANVAS' One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children Campaign.

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