Improving Reading and Literacy through Gifts that Give Back

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Filipinos take pride in generosity. Whatever the time, place or occasion, we make sure that we give something to people dear to us as a token of love. But sometimes, finding the perfect gift is not enough. What makes a gift more special—both for the giver and receiver—is knowing that what you’re buying or receiving can make a difference to others’ lives.

At Looking for Juan, we offer just that: a chance for you to find high-quality goods that people will love to give and receive. From children’s books, planners, to tote bags—we take pride in our local, art-infused products that support not only the corporate gifting industry, but individual shoppers like you.
Let’s take a look at how our business-with-a-cause model can be an avenue for you to help in improving functional literacy and reading in the country!


Made by Filipinos for Filipinos

Looking for Juan, in essence, is a business with a cause. We have dedicated ourselves to offering meaningful books and merchandise that are geared toward promoting Filipino artistry and a love for reading.

Our CANVAS-published titles—from activity books to children stories—are written and designed by notable Filipino artists to improve cognitive development, reading, and social awareness among children. We believe that every child has the right to read and learn, and we strive to do that through our book selections.


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Take for example the activity book “Karapat-dapat”. Written by May Tobias-Papa and illustrated by Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang I.N.K.), this book is designed to empower children by depicting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in a way that they can understand—through interactive activities such as coloring and drawing pages, mazes, puzzles, and more.


“Karapat-dapat” depicts the Rights of the Child through learning activities. Available for 300 on Looking For Juan.


Beyond books, we also take part in making the works of CANVAS artists more sustainable by infusing them to gifts and everyday merchandise. The Looking for Juan team carefully selects and pairs artworks and items to ensure that each product translates the intent and message of the artist.

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From books to merchandise, our products carry the same seal of quality and artistry that we have been known and trusted for.


Business with a Cause

Imagine growing up without any books—nothing to read, to expand your imagination, or to share with your friends. For millions of Filipinos, this is the reality.

It’s estimated that around 11 million Filipinos are functionally illiterate (they cannot read without comprehension) while four million lack basic literacy skills. And while most get the chance to enroll in Grade 1, around 55 percent of them will drop out even before finishing high school.

This is what most of our kababayans are experiencing, and we at Looking for Juan intend to change this.

A young girl smiles as she receives a copy of BenCab's Activity Book for Children


By supporting the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development (CANVAS) 1 Million Books for 1 Million Filipino Children Campaign, we believe that we can take part in improving functional literacy and reading skills among children living in underprivileged communities. To date, this project has already given some 250,000 books to Filipino children nationwide through various donations and book-giving events.


Our business with a cause is committed to being a key contributor in promoting independent and creative thinking in Filipino children, while also exposing them to the best of contemporary Filipino art and literature, through our donations from purchases made by you, our dear customers.


Buy a Book, Get Involved

Most Filipinos spend thousands of pesos on gifts, especially during the holiday season, but did you know that the simple act of gift-giving can be an agent of change? If every Filipino purchases gifts that give back—without spending more money doing it—we can create a whole new perspective on gift-giving while addressing social and national concerns, such as lack of access to books and functional illiteracy.


Kids from Loakan, Benguet show their copies of "Karapat-dapat"


Our lifetime Buy 1 Book, Donate 2 deal on Looking for Juan’s online store helps you do that. With every purchase of a CANVAS book, we’ll donate two books to support the 1 Million Books for 1 Million Children Campaign. The books donated from your purchase will help equip a child for life by encouraging them to read and be independent learners—vital skills that are needed to have a better future.

Books transform lives—and you have a central role in making this happen! Through purchasing gifts that give back, we can empower kids to have a better future and become leaders of change.

Together, let’s make this happen one book at a time!


Batang Karapat-Dapat Mini-festival at the CCP in celebration of Children's Day and the 30th Anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child


Words by Monica Antonio, Looking for Juan team

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