Mark Jeffrey Santos

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Mark Jeffrey Santos’ art thrives in an alternate world of fictional and surreal dreamscapes. The adventures of his signature character Mister Sasquatch, wide-eyed and often accompanied by magical creatures, invite viewers to rekindle their childlike innocence.

Santos is a pop surrealist painter who took BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences (MAS) at Mapua Institute of Technology in 2007.

This is where he began his journey in the creative industry. He studied various forms of arts, from the traditional art to digital art. He also gave focus on photography, graphic design, and specialized in the field of film and video.

Unbeknownst to him, these explorations became his stepping stones to be an aspiring visual artist. 

Mark Jeffrey Santos

Most of his works were focused on his fascination with Japanese culture and his fondness for sushi. Mr. S or Mister Sasquatch, also the name of his Instagram handle, is the main character of most of his artworks.

His paintings usually depict scenes mostly from his imagination and some of his real-life episodes expressed into his own eccentric world. He is currently exploring adding characters to accompany Mister Sasquatch.



Quaderno by Mark Jeffrey Santos



This Is Our Future by Mark Jeffrey Santos
Is This Our Future? | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Stay At Home by Mark Jeffrey Santos
Stay At Home | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Floating Down The River by Mark Jeffrey Santos
 Floating Down The River | acrylic on canvas (2021)



Untitled by Mark Jeffrey Santos
Untitled | acrylic on canvas (2020)



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