Jomike Tejido

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Jomike Tejido’s artmaking unfurls animated worlds of pictorial planes and spirited colors, seamlessly encapsulating the artist's architectural roots and creative present.

Tejido is an architect turned full-time visual artist. He has had 16 solo painting exhibitions of his imaginative abstract works, where he is able to play around with mid-century modern forms. Immersive multi-color schemes blended with design elements echo his technical drawing background.

Jomike Tejido

Tejido has exhibited in local and international galleries. He was also shortlisted for the Sculpture Category in the Philippine Art Awards in 2020.

When not making paintings or building interactive, puzzle-like sculptures based on them, he writes and illustrates children's picture books. 

His over 100 books, published in Manila and New York, carry the same verve and childlike spirit that emanates from Tejido’s paintings.



Quaderno  by Jomike Tejido



Evening Skyline 01 by Jomike Tejido
Evening Skyline 01 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Evening Skyline 02 by Jomike Tejido
 Evening Skyline 02 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Reconstruction 01 by Jomike Tejido
Reconstruction 01 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Reconstruction 02 by Jomike Tejido
Reconstruction 02 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Renewed Lifestyle 01 by Jomike Tejido
Renewed Lifestyle 01 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Renewed Lifestyle 02 by Jomike Tejido
 Renewed Lifestyle 02 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Urban Farming 01 by Jomike Tejido
 Urban Farming 01 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



Urban Farming 02 by Jomike Tejido
 Urban Farming 02 | acrylic on canvas (2020)



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